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Conciergerie Rétaise : painting
Conciergerie Rétaise : grass cutting
Even in your absence your home is maintained and the work is done

During your absence, your home may require a number of interventions inside or outside.
Some can be scheduled in advance and others may be required occasionally or unexpectedly.
La Conciergerie Rétaise can directly manage routine maintenance of the house and garden and, if necessary,
seek and coordinate the work of more specialized craftsmen.
Small jobs

Maintenance performed by the conciergerie Rétaise
- Grass cutting and size of hedges ans schrubs
- Watering of plants
- Cleaning the deck

- Small painting jobs
- Etc ......

Assistance for quotes for major jobs

The Conciergerie Rétaise offers support if needed, for major jobs with contractors
- By Advising you on builders etc…
- By establishing with you the work that needs to be done
- By corresponding with the contractors for quotes etc….
- Managing on-site the planning of various craftsmen
- Monitoring the quality of the work and that it conforms to the quote


These services may permit tax deduction "Human Services"

Conciergerie Rétaise
246 rue des Chênes Verts
17940 Rivedoux-Plage
Mobile : +33(0) 6 03 57 66 95
Email : contact@conciergerieretaise.fr