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Make the most of every moment of your holidays

Arriving in a cold house in disorder, with an empty fridge and undone beds will not make the best memories of your holiday.
Also there is nothing worse than leaving without having had time to restore order in the house and finding things in the same state
when you next visit. Or having to spend the last precious moments of your holiday cleaning up does not make your departure easier.

La Conciergerie Rétaise can avoid this by preparing for your arrival and taking over when you leave

Opening your home
Preparation of the house :
- Opening shutters and airing rooms
- Switching on electricity and water meters
- Cleaning/dusting furniture/window washing
- Starting up the heating
- Making of beds with your bed linen and filling of the fridge
- Getting your fireplace ready with firewood
- Presence if needed for the delivery of fuel, oil, wood, ...
Preparation of the terrace and the garden :
- Cleaning the deck
- Putting out of potted plants
- Cleaning and placing of garden furniture
- Mowing lawns
- Picking up of fallen leaves
- Trimming hedges and shrubs
- Preparation of the pool
Closing of your home

Closing of the house :
- Closing of shutters
- Switching off of electricity and water meters
- Cleaning/rearrangement of rooms/cleaning and storage
of rubbish bins
- Switching off heating
- Cleaning of the fireplace

Cleaning of the terrace and garden :
- Cleaning of the deck
- Storage of potted plants
- Cleaning and storage of garden furniture
- Mowing lawns
- Pick up fallen leaves if necessary
- Trimming hedges and shrubs
- Closure for winter of the swimming pool

Transport station/airport

To help you arrive as quick as possible to your holiday home and leave contented,
we can offer to pick you up and/or accompany you to La Rochelle Airport or train station.

Although the Conciergerie Rétaise cannot take care of the rental of your property to tenants,
all of these benefits do apply to your friends or family.

Conciergerie Rétaise
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