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Travel Paradise

La Conciergerie Rétaise works with Travel Paradise company, a specialized agency for the rental of holiday villas with hotel services.
A selection of quality homes

They choose holiday homes and villas where "you feel good" with three key criteria that guide their choices :

1. the decoration, style and quality of the home,
2. the right level of equipment,
3. the quality of the surrounding area.

They are confident in welcoming their rental customers and they are assured that they will want to come back.

Managing your rental activity

The owners of the holiday homes of Travel Paradise, do not live there but want to entrust the management of their rental holiday home or rental investment to a company that is a specialist in holiday rentals, a professional and available for discussion.

The mission of Travel Paradise vis-à-vis the owners is threefold :

1. find tenants and commit to annual rental income,
2. manage the daily living of the tenants to ensure their satisfaction,
3. maintain the rental in good condition by checking that the house is used with care.

So our remit is complimentary to that of the Conciergerie Retaise.
The Conciergerie Retaise looks after your holiday home all year long. Travel Paradise looks after all your rentals on a professional basis.

Owners, your home deserves a VIP * area

(* Very Important Property)

246 rue des Chênes Verts, 17940 Rivedoux-Plage
Mobile : +33(0) 6 03 57 66 95

Conciergerie Rétaise
246 rue des Chênes Verts
17940 Rivedoux-Plage
Mobile : +33(0) 6 03 57 66 95
Email : contact@conciergerieretaise.fr