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Only for people
paying tax in France

Take advantage of tax benefits
under service delivery to the person

You can benefit from the tax deduction of 50% of billings
under the "Personal services" and subject to a yearly maximum of € 15 000.


The Tax Code
The tax code provides for a support in the form of a tax ¹ or a tax credit equal to 50% of expenditure incurred in payment of services provided by recognized organizations for services to person.

As such, the amounts paid to our company are eligible for this tax benefit.

The entire expenses of this nature, either with us or other approved providers of services to the person, is retained in the limit of € 12 000 ³ per year per household, this limit being increased of € 1 500 per dependent child, or influence over 65 years living under the roof charge the taxpayer, but may not exceed € 15 000.

The tax reduction ¹ is valid or not you have been employed during the year of payment of expenses.

The tax credit ², for against, shall apply only if you are in one of the following:
- For a single taxpayer, widowed or divorced must have been employed during the year of payment of expenses, or have been on the list of job seekers in at least three months during the years of payment of expenses,
- For married or have entered into a civil partnership, subject to joint taxation, each of the two shall meet the requirements of paragraph above.



¹ The tax reduction is to deduct from your taxes, but can not result in restitution by the Treasury if the deductible amount exceeds the amount of tax due.
² The tax credit, if it exceeds the tax due, in part or in whole, shall be refunded by the Treasury.
³ In some cases, the limit of € 12 000 may be increased to € 20 000 (
or disabled taxpayers with dependent disabled person causing the obligation to have recourse to the assistance of a third person).

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